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Our Journey into Inbound Marketing

United SEO was founded in Boston in 2012 by two in-house SEO guys who were tired of only writing content about vacuum cleaners.

Tyler Reardon and Zack Currier started their journey into inbound marketing while working for eVacuumStore.com, an eCommerce store focusing on vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories(read that as Hank from King of the Hill, I tell you what). After helping the site dramatically increase their online presence and sales, they realized the potential they had to help other companies achieve the same results.

So they set out to find a client. In just a short time they somehow convinced MattsMusic.com, a boutique guitar store, to give them a shot. Now looking back, they’ve come a long way since their first client. The world doesn’t need just another inbound marketing firm. Let’s face it, SEO companies are a dime a dozen and it takes a group of strong-willed individuals who are eager to learn and ready to adapt to an ever-changing landscape to succeed in this industry. We like to think that’s us.

We work with clients that require a special kind of attention, from non-profits fighting the good fight for sensitive political issues to large-scale eCommerce clients who want to increase their visibility in search, ¬†we’re always up for a challenge. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us and hope you’ll come learn and grow with us.

Who We Are

The minds behind the magic

Tyler Reardon

Tyler Reardon

Digital Marketing Specialist
Zack Currier

Zack Currier

SEO Specialist